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Making it easy to move to the cloud

Why Use The Cloud?

Moving your current IT systems, software and processes to the cloud can be a daunting task for many companies. You’ve built your business and team up with your existing systems after all. And in some cases, moving to the cloud may not be the best option.

But for many (most) Australian companies, moving to the cloud is a must to stay competitive in the market. A must to keep your team connected in, and out of the office. That’s where SureBridge can help, we make transitioning to the cloud simple, fast and safe. We have certified specialists  in Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Private Cloud, Public Cloud, 0365 Migration and Backup and Disaster Recovery.

Case Study - Protect from phishing

After one of our clients reviewed their security, they noticed small irregularities that raised concern and engaged our SureBridge Security team to investigate. We discovered a well-crafted phishing attack on their business, one which could have cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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Empower Your Team

Along with increased security, giving your team more freedom and mobility can alone, transform your business. You may also be paying excessive amounts for your legacy systems and software, something our team can help you better understand.

Another area where we can help is if your business has a mobile workforce or multiple sites across Brisbane, Australia and even internationally. SureBridge Cloud can make day-to-day tasks like working on shared documents, conference calls and process management remarkably easy for your entire team.

Here’s how we approach your cloud project, we:
Get to know your processes like one of your own team.
Get to know your culture and people, how do they work.
Put your current technology to the test, every IT upgrade needs to align with your business’s goals and strategy.
Recommend the best solution. Being vendor agnostic we’re not locked to any partner or solution. We work for you.
Provide a fixed price quote for your project.
Install and test vigorously.
Provide ongoing support if you need it.

HQPlantations has relied on SureBridge for IT managed support services since 2008. SureBridge’s capabilities encompass most of our requirements, with flexible arrangements as our business needs evolve over time. They invest in their people to keep pace with emerging technology, enabling them to design and build future-proofed solutions.

Greg Cordes, HQ Plantations Pty Ltd

We have had nothing but positive experiences with SureBridge. The recommendations and solutions that they put forward have been excellent, and the personnel have always been attentive and cooperative whenever we have had any concerns. It is reassuring to do business with a partner that takes our business as seriously as we do.

Gabriel Perez, Teys Australia Pty Ltd

This is the second time we have engaged SureBridge to perform a major infrastructure project for us in as many years. Due to the complexity of the requirements, it was refreshing to work with Justin and the team of engineers to ensure the solution was the right fit for Lowes Petroleum. We were constantly kept informed of the progress throughout the project and subsequently, it could not have gone smoother.

Geoff Dimond, Lowes Petroleum

Since 2009, the advice, support and guidance we have received has always been exceptional. SureBridge’s thoroughness and attention to detail ensures that all activities are completed without any issues and means that we can focus on other aspects of the business without having to concern ourselves with the IT work that is being undertaken.”

Steve Jackson, NTI

Minecorp Australia has partnered with SureBridge IT for our IT support needs. This has included major hardware, software upgrades and a significant international migration project. SureBridge provide comprehensive systems architecture and project management solutions ensuring best fit products are specified to meet the ongoing business requirements. At the forefront of understanding new and emerging products, SureBridge ensures that while delivering the highest quality service, your business is looking to future proof systems to cope with the rapidly changing environment that is IT.

Sheree Lamont, Minecorp

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