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Protect from Phishing

After one of our clients reviewed their security, they noticed small irregularities that raised concern and engaged our SureSecure team to investigate. We discovered a well-crafted phishing attack on their business, one which could have cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The attacker had obtained user credentials and created sophisticated rules to forward emails externally without being noticed. This included a targeted email in which they requested payment for services due in the client’s name.

Quick response and containment is key. Working with our client, we:

  • closed the door to the attacker, starting an investigation to determine impact
  • developed a security roadmap, working on quick wins and priority controls first
  • prepared tools to implement new security controls, including alerts on unauthorised access and providing robust zero-day protection against unknown malware and viruses.

To date, we have blocked more than 100 malicious emails and content, and geo-blocked eight unauthorised login attempts from outside Australia.

With phishing attacks on the rise, securing your Cloud environment is crucial. Through quick action, a security roadmap and easy-to-implement tools, we helped our client secure their Cloud and protect their business.

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