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Our team of extensively trained & certified specialists are qualified to implement services offered by our following partner organisations:

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Local Government

We have been providing solutions to Local Government organisations for more than 25 years.  Our services include the provision of consultation and IT Solutions and infrastructure, supported by Managed Services, Project and Consulting Services, Cloud Services, Security Services, Contract Management and Single Source Supply of hardware and software licensing.  Our clients regard us as an integral part of their business success and we help them mitigate risk, enhance business operations and enable growth. Whether your organisation is Queensland or New South Wales based, we can help with your procurement needs.

Local Buy Queensland works with all organisations within the Queensland Government, from Local and State government, to NFP organisations. Local Buy alleviates the need for open market tenders by managing the procurement compliance burden on behalf of all Local Government agencies. SureBridge are on Local Buy Arrangement BUS274 and can therefore help with any number of your organisations IT needs.

Local Government Procurement NSW is owned by councils, for councils. They provide NSW Councils and Local Governments with tendering and contract management, with suppliers who have successfully met a compliant evaluation and acceptance process, ensuring all guidelines are met. There is no cost to access an LGP arrangement and contracts are centrally managed by LGP throughout it’s term. SureBridge are listed within the LGP VendorPanel as an approved supplier.

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