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Email from the Post Office or a Ransom-ware attack?

You notice an email from the post office so you open it to see what it’s about: The courier couldn’t find you at home, so you have to go to the post office yourself to get your package. Not completely unfamiliar, is it? You click the link in the email then you are...

Choosing the right MDM solution

Organisations that rely on fleets of mobile devices for performing daily operations will know how complex it can be to keep each device secure. Besides protecting each device from viruses or malware, there is the risk of sensitive information being lost or accessed by...

Complexities drive demand for Managed Services

As businesses become more and more specialised in their industry, the requirement on IT personnel becomes a greater challenge. Businesses within the same industry may no longer be as type-cast as historically has been the case and accordingly will have differing IT...

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